WillowTail Farm is a private duck hunting destination located in West TN.  We have access to over 5,000 acres all in the Woods of West TN. We strive to ensure guest a memorable hunt with long lasting memories. Experience some of the best guided duck hunts.

We are Tennessee’s premier private duck hunting operation. Experience some of the best guided duck hunts. Feel free to ask for references. Proof is in the pictures. We also strive to have more to the hunt than just pulling the trigger. Safety is always first. We start each morning off with a safety speech. TN currently requires guide license to receive money for hunting. We go beyond just what is required. We are First Aid, CPR, and AED trained. We also have complete insurance coverage for you on the truck ride, boat ride, and the hunt. We take every detail into consideration.

West TN duck hunting has a long history of outfitting. I can remember stories of horse and buggies coming from all over to West TN just south of my home town of Dresden. This was before the channelization projects on the Obion river. We had thousands of acres of green timber and when it would come a rain they really pounded the ducks. The clients were called sports and the guides were called pushers. The guides basically pushed the boats around all day. Thank goodness for Mudbuddy motors now!

A little bit about our area. West TN duck hunting is surrounded by state and federal refuges. Here are some examples of numbers of just ducks in West TN that was counted by TWRA. These numbers are only on selected refuges. December 15th 335,000 total ducks in West TN. January 1st 443,000 total ducks. January 17th over 608,000 total ducks in West TN. Below I have listed the majority of the refuge’s that are located in West TN. Over the past few years the local state and federal governments have made significant improvement in ensuring that crucial food is planted for our waterfowl. Planting food for ducks in bottomland where ducks are is tricky business.

We are located near these areas:
Reelfoot 30 miles Black Bayou & Long Point NWR
Lake Lauderdale 16 miles North of Halls South Forked Deer
Duck River 66 miles South of New Johnsonville TN River
Eagle Lake 72 miles North of Memphis
Hop Inn 18 miles Middle Fork Obion River
Maness Swamp 17 miles South Fork Obion River
Whites Lake 24 miles Northwest of Dyersburg
Horns Bluff 12 miles Middle Forked Deer River
Gooch 15 miles Obion River South of Union City