Guided Duck Hunting Trips

WillowTail Farm encompasses more than 5,000 acres of private duck hunting located in West TN.  All of the blinds are heated and have full stoves for some good eating. The duck lodges are just minutes down the road from the boat sheds. We use all top of the line decoys and electronics. I am sure you will be impressed once you climb in the blind and take a look.

The hunt consists of meeting us at the lodge around 5:30.  We then take a short ride down the road to our boat sheds.   We provide a full breakfast and we hunt till 12:00pm to give the birds resting time for the next day.  What do you do the rest of day?  Scroll down to the bottom and check out our Afternoon Excursions.

Ol’ Hole – (Up to Eight people)

Drive past our own private refuge of flooded corn and millet. Step down into a well lit boat and enjoy a scenic 15 minute boat ride to the blind. The blind itself is 30 by 10 feet and is accommodated with heaters for the chilly days. The timber hole is 70 yards by 70 yards with the blind situated in the shadows of cypress, tupelo, and buck brush around it. We use the top of line decoys and also a DuckThang that is made just up the road from us. Enjoy a home cooked meal that includes bacon, sausage egg cheese biscuits and mid day snack ranging from pizza to Bar-B-Q burritos. Most groups are four to six in size and there will be no mixing of hunting groups. The blind is all yours for the day! Come see what true West TN duck hunting hospitality really is!

Big Cypress – (Up to Eight people)

Pull through the gate and pass by our own private refuge of flooded corn and millet. When you step out of the truck you will find well lit boats that make for a safe boat ride a five minute boat ride into a hole that was once described as “the colosseum”. The hole is 100 yards by 70 yards. The blind is 30 by 10 feet perfectly situated in the middle on an old oxbow of the river. Imagine the experience of looking at 200-300 year old cypress trees as the ducks work down into the hole. Bring a couple of friends or fill all eight holes. The blind is all yours for the day! It’s you and your buddies, guide, and cook.

FR Blind – (Up to Ten people)

Welcome to FR Duck Farm! Pull into our spacious gravel parking lot adjoining our personal boat dock, from there you will be greeted with a smile and a hot cup of coffee.  When time comes you will take a short walk to our covered & lighted boat shed.  Then, you will embark on a two minute boat ride thru cypress timber.  Once arriving to the blind, located in an old oxbow of the Forked Deer River, you will find a very spacious blind (32 feet by 16 feet) centered beneath a 100 year old cypress tree providing maximum cover for the days hunt.  One major factor contributing to the success of this farm is ELECTRICITY!  Having electricity in our blind allows us to run ice eaters on cold days, run a wide array of motion decoys, and the ability to enjoy all the comforts from home while in the duck blind.  We provide a first class breakfast & lunch and do our best to cater to our clients.  Forks Roost is centrally located in the middle of the Forked Deer River System.  You can expect to see numerous ducks on your hunt with us and our guides will do their very best to put them in the kill zone!

JD Blind – (Up to Six people)

Arrive at our boat shed and take a five minute boat ride out to our blind.  The blind is very spacious and easy for people of all ages to shoot from.  Located on the forked deer river between several state refuges, we are also perfectly situated very close to private flooded corn and millet aka You will see lots of ducks!  The blind is placed in a tall willow patch that is located in the middle of our 50 acre flooded field.  We always use top of the line decoys, electronics, and a DuckThang for movement.  We provide a full breakfast and lunch.  We typically harvest mallards, gadwall, and green-wing teal.

Sandhill Crane Hunt – $250 per person

We are excited to partner up with West Tennessee’s exclusive sandhill crane guide operation.  This gives us exclusive access to the ONLY areas that we ever see major concentrations of sandhill cranes.  We only hunt in A-Frame blinds where it is much easier than your typical layout blind.  We set out a large spread of decoys, typically 8-10 dozen and use calls.  You will be shooting decoying birds.  We are NOT located in the SE zone, we are located in the “State Wide” zone.  The dates of our season typically run first Saturday in December until January 31st.  This is a link where you can go to be drawn.

Only individuals with a Tennessee Sandhill Crane Tag may hunt. Applicants must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to compete in the drawing. An Annual Hunting and Fishing License, (Type 001).  Plus, a Tennessee Waterfowl License (Type 005) or equivalent licenses (such as Lifetime or Annual Sportsman), are required in order to enter either drawing. Hunters receiving SE Crane Zone tags will not be eligible to apply for crane tags in the statewide draw. Tags are non-transferable.

Sandhill Crane Identification Test: All sandhill crane hunters must pass an internet-based crane identification test each year before hunting. All tags issued are invalid until the “Sandhill Crane Test” validation code is written on the tag. The purpose of this test is to improve hunter’s awareness and ability to distinguish between sandhill cranes and other protected species which may be encountered while hunting. The test is available at

Afternoon Excursions

Unlimited Quail Hunting – $350 per person 

Unlimited quail hunt that starts at 2pm after your duck hunt.  This hunt includes a guide and dog.  At the end of the hunt we also clean and bag them for you on site.  Very limited space available so please be sure to book ahead of time.  Minimum group size of 2 is required.  We can accommodate larger groups, however the maximum amount of shooters at once will be 5.

Pheasant Hunting – $250 per person  (5 Birds Per Person)

Pheasant hunt starts at 2pm and last for a couple hours.  This hunt includes a guide and dog.  At the end of the hunt we also clean and bag them for you on site.  Additional birds can be added to the hunt if you so desire.  Minimum group size of 2 is required.  We can accommodate larger groups, however the maximum amount of shooters at once will be 5.

Fly Fishing 101 – $100 per person (Kids are Free with Adult)

We will be covering the basics of fly fishing.  How to rig up, casting, essential knots, fly selection, gear selection, and reading water.  We will also cover fishing in Yellowstone Park and other areas in South West Montana.

All Inclusive Lodging – $125 per person a day

Our lodge is just minutes from the duck blinds.  Lodging will include an all inclusive meal.

-We can accommodate larger corporate groups up to 52 people. Please ask for more details.

Questions?  call 731-431-7627

    What to bring:

    Buy License Online

    -Federal Duck Stamp


    -Steel shot shells 12 or 20 gauge 3″  (#1, #2, or #3’s)

    -Water proof rain gear


    -Knee Boots

    A 50% deposit is required within 10 days of booking to ensure your dates.

    A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation within 7 days of booking. In case of a cancellation, the deposit is fully refundable less a $100 processing fee if the written cancellation is received prior to 90 days of the arrival date. For cancellations within 90-60 days of arrival, the deposit is non-refundable. Requests to move a scheduled trip date are the same as cancelling and re-booking. Because of our reliance on advanced bookings, we must make no exceptions to our cancellation policy. Tennessee weather is often variable, trips are not cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. If you are at all concerned with the cancellation possibility, we strongly encourage you to purchase trip insurance.